Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Wizard Behind Harry Potter

Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born 31/7/1966 in Chipping Sodbury Hospital. She is very good in writing things that based on her imagination. When she stayed in Wintebourne her closest friend was Ian and Vikki Porter and the name Harry Porter was inspired by their surname.

She graduated from Exeter University and joins Amnesty International, she did not like it because it took away the free time for her to write. She then worked in Portugal as English teacher because it provides more time for her to write plus new experience living in Portugal. She then met her future husband in Portugal (a journalist for one of Portugal TV station). Their only daughter was born in 1993 but sadly due to unforeseen reason they divorced.

JK Rowling favorite writing spot will be a small café named Nicolson Café. Complete her first novel however due to lack of financial support she had to type the whole 2 copies to be sent to the potential publisher. Her first novel was published by Bloomsbury Press.

Her second HP novel even beat the bigger names such as Tom Clancy and John Grisham. Warner Bros sign contracts to film Harry Porter. She even used a real person Natalie McDonald (page 159 – Goblet of Fire) to honor her fan who died of cancer. The actor for Harry Porter was supposed to be an American (suggested by Spielberg) but JK Rowling wanted an English actor. Daniel Radcliff was selected.

She is now happily married to Neil Murray with 2 kids.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Payless Books Warehouse

Map to 3K Inn (this is 2007 ads)

Catch of the day

I went to the sale at 3K Inn near Subang Jaya. I've targeted cheap fiction books (due to the need to add my fiction collections). With a budget of RM 150 I manage to bring back around 70 books. Payless will be having this every month and for more info you can go to their website at this website

Book Xcess

Book Xcess @ Level 3 Amcorp Mall

My first business deal with Book Xcess

The books store is made for book lovers

I was told about the above book store by one of my fellow book blogger. I've visited the website and really like the concept of buying overprinted books from publisher and selling it at a very good discounted price.

I'm finally was able to drive to Amcorp Mall last Friday and brought myself 5 good bio books on the followings :

1) Ashley Cole
2) Martin Johnson
3) Gazza (Paul Gasgoine)
4) Nicole Kidman
5) Ballack

The total cost is around RM 100 which for me considering it's a new books was a real bargain.



Latest addition (90 fictions from Payless Warehouse)
(10 non fictions from Boosk Xcess @ Amcorp Mall)