Monday, January 11, 2010


Born in Duttlenheim a small town in france. He start palying football with Duttlenheim FC. And OK football player and even had a European match experience while playing with FC Starsbourg in 1978. Was appointed as manager for AS Nancy in 1983.

He then move to Monaco where he recruited Glen Hoddle, George Weah and many more great players. He is known as master tactician and believe to a strict diet. One of his fierce rival in French league was Bernard Tapie of Marseille.

He then moved to Japan to coach Grampus Eight, but due to problems such as culture and language he could only bring few success. He then join Arsenal replacing the great Bruce Rioch. At Arsenal he straight away implement strict diet to players and improvised the youth system. He really believe in 4-4-2 system.

Good connections with old club such as Monaco give him the chance of signing good player such as Henry and Adebayor. Monaco, Grampus and Arsenal are red/white coloured team !!!! Will never has a wine session with Fergie. He obtained his OBE in 2003.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A story of Larry Elison the founder of Oracle Corp. He attended Uni of Illinois and Uni of Chicago but does not completed. However he love programming especially relational database. 1977 he and friends formed a company call SD Lab later change to RSI (Relational Software Incorporated).

The company starts the first prototype of Oracle. Works closely with Digital VAX. Later they change the name to ORACLE. At the same time IBM release DB2 also completion from Sybase. Oracle move focus to Japan with a big contract from Nippon Steel.

When SAP was formed by 5 ex IBM engineers in Germany and when they introduce SAP/R3, it changes they whole game. SAP collaborates with consulting firms which then will advise customer to used SAP as solutions. Microsoft allied with SAP to compete with Oracle. IBM also resell other products except Oracle.

Larry Ellison also promotes Network Computer, a solution that can give user chance to use computer at a low budget. But when the computer price drop, it kill Network Computer business. Oracle learn a lot from GE especially in the area of controlling budget.

Larry Ellison loves big boats and he even has a boat competing in Americas Cup called Sayonara Boat. Also huge catamaran (Katana and Ronin).He dates lots of good looking women especially from Stanford. Built one of the most expensive house in America called Woodside Project. Best friend of Steve Job.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Jack Welch is the greatest CEO that GE has ever had. He become CEO in 1981. He introduce the No 1 or No 2 concept. If you cannot be either no 1 or no 2 leave the business. " You either the best at what you do or you don't do it for long".

He created Crotonville , a GE training center to ensure that all policy or views will be delivered to every member correctly. "THE PIT" a 110 seater meeting hall where no1 and no 2 will face the managers.

The fix/close/sell concept. Fix the problem, look if no1 or no2 and if not close or sell the business.


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