Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WORD FREAK (stefan fatsis)

A story about scrabble players from playing socially in the park to being a competitive professional player earning money through competition. Most of the competition is sponsored by HASBRO and supported by NSA. Skill rating is given to pro players where novice will get 1200 points and will turn to expert if the points is more than 1700.

Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosner Butts during depression (probably to reduce stress) and has been evolve until today. NSA (National Scrabble Association) was initiated to monitor especially the wording selection during competition. This is done through association with Merriam-Webster.

In 1999 a Canadian name Wapnick won USD 15000 first prize money.

50 ACRES AND A POODLE (j.m laskas)

A story about a 38 years old writer who has a dream to live in a farm in the countryside . So one weekend she and her boyfriend went for a farm shopping where it’s started just for fun but then turn into serious buying. They came across a beautiful 50 acres with scenery farm that is up for sale with a very reasonable price.

They made the decision and sold everything in the city and move to the farm. The story then focus more into how the tried to adjust to country living like possum and squirrel , the booming sound of hunter rifle and friendly neighbor (which is not normal in the city) .

Name the farm SWEET-WATER FARM.

Monday, May 10, 2010


A story about GOOGLE. Inspired by the first truly good search engine developed by DEC to test the Alpha (their latest computer) speed. Google was created by Larry page and Sergey Brin which attempted to improvise algorithm to search information on the internet

The name google is taken from the word GOOGOL ( 1 followed by 100 zeroes). They expand their company in 2003 where google bought blogger,picasa and keyhole to expand their services. The latest CEO is Eric Schmidt a Berkeley student just like the founders.

In 2002 the have problems with the Chinese government where the Chinese authority start to filter content and they sorted out the problem and uses as the solution.

Monday, March 22, 2010


A book on how to get a job you want and keep it. If you fail your first attempt (interview) you are average and even famous people do have rejection experience. Getting a job is a job itself. It's good if you can establish good network like joining another good tips from the book is creating good rapport with the receptionist like thanking her after the interview session do have an advantage since receptionist is the center of almost all the organizations activities.

WOW factor is another issue that need to seriously considered. Appearance and confidence level during the interview day is very important and you should try to be different in a positive way. Joining toastmaster is a good move since it trains you to speak well with confidence.

Lastly if you thought working for your boss is tough try working for yourself.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

JOE DI MAGGIO (Richard Cramer)

Born to an italian immigrant family in San Francisco. He started playing baseball with Seals with brother Dominic (who later play for Red Sox). He join Yankees during the time when Babe Ruth performance was rock bottom.

Officially sign for Yankees in 1936 for USD 65,000. Yankees won the World Series that year and as a rookie Joe contributed with .323 AVG, 29 HR and 125 RBIs. Look at Ty Cobb as his mentor. He took over cleanup position from Lou Gehrig.

Married to Dorothy Arnold (an actress) and later to the famous Marilyn Monroe. In 1944 was attached with Air Force in Hawaii. Was plan to be traded to Washington Senators due to bad performance.

Monday, February 1, 2010


A biography of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong the founder of Genting Group. He's famous for the development of Genting Highland. Originally from Anxi in Fujian District, he came to Malaysia in 1937 with only 120 dollar in his pocket. After a while he went back to China due to home sickness and decided to stay. However due to pressure from family and current situation (invasion of Japan) he then came back to Malaysia.

A self confess introvert but later decided change , he started his first business in procurement of bulldozer mostly from Singapore, buying it cheap from Singapore and selling it with a good price in Malaysia. Later move into mining business and construction. He form a company called Kien Huat. One of his biggest project is the Air Hitam Dam in Penang at time worth RM 12 Millions.

The idea of Genting Highland triggered while he's relaxing during the Cameron Higland construction project. With the help from Tan Sri Noah , he approached Pahang and Selangor State to approve the project of developing Gunung Ulu Kali (later name Genting Highland). The total area is about 5000 hectares. Few people believe that this project will be succeful. Initially he plan to build a 38 rooms hotel but after Tunku Abdul Rahman triggered the idea of building a casino , he change his plan and build a 200 rooms hotel.

Building the access road was a major problem. He also send his team to Macau to study the casino business. The casino business started in 1969 and was the only company to be given license to operate casino in Malaysia. The expansion of the resort was ongoing and in 2002 they completed the First World Hotel , the biggest hotel in the world at that time.

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong acknowledge the help from his friend for his success. And with his son, Kok Thay taking over the business (and expanding it) , Genting Group has been one of the biggest company in Malaysia until today.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Born in Duttlenheim a small town in france. He start palying football with Duttlenheim FC. And OK football player and even had a European match experience while playing with FC Starsbourg in 1978. Was appointed as manager for AS Nancy in 1983.

He then move to Monaco where he recruited Glen Hoddle, George Weah and many more great players. He is known as master tactician and believe to a strict diet. One of his fierce rival in French league was Bernard Tapie of Marseille.

He then moved to Japan to coach Grampus Eight, but due to problems such as culture and language he could only bring few success. He then join Arsenal replacing the great Bruce Rioch. At Arsenal he straight away implement strict diet to players and improvised the youth system. He really believe in 4-4-2 system.

Good connections with old club such as Monaco give him the chance of signing good player such as Henry and Adebayor. Monaco, Grampus and Arsenal are red/white coloured team !!!! Will never has a wine session with Fergie. He obtained his OBE in 2003.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A story of Larry Elison the founder of Oracle Corp. He attended Uni of Illinois and Uni of Chicago but does not completed. However he love programming especially relational database. 1977 he and friends formed a company call SD Lab later change to RSI (Relational Software Incorporated).

The company starts the first prototype of Oracle. Works closely with Digital VAX. Later they change the name to ORACLE. At the same time IBM release DB2 also completion from Sybase. Oracle move focus to Japan with a big contract from Nippon Steel.

When SAP was formed by 5 ex IBM engineers in Germany and when they introduce SAP/R3, it changes they whole game. SAP collaborates with consulting firms which then will advise customer to used SAP as solutions. Microsoft allied with SAP to compete with Oracle. IBM also resell other products except Oracle.

Larry Ellison also promotes Network Computer, a solution that can give user chance to use computer at a low budget. But when the computer price drop, it kill Network Computer business. Oracle learn a lot from GE especially in the area of controlling budget.

Larry Ellison loves big boats and he even has a boat competing in Americas Cup called Sayonara Boat. Also huge catamaran (Katana and Ronin).He dates lots of good looking women especially from Stanford. Built one of the most expensive house in America called Woodside Project. Best friend of Steve Job.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Jack Welch is the greatest CEO that GE has ever had. He become CEO in 1981. He introduce the No 1 or No 2 concept. If you cannot be either no 1 or no 2 leave the business. " You either the best at what you do or you don't do it for long".

He created Crotonville , a GE training center to ensure that all policy or views will be delivered to every member correctly. "THE PIT" a 110 seater meeting hall where no1 and no 2 will face the managers.

The fix/close/sell concept. Fix the problem, look if no1 or no2 and if not close or sell the business.


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