Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WORD FREAK (stefan fatsis)

A story about scrabble players from playing socially in the park to being a competitive professional player earning money through competition. Most of the competition is sponsored by HASBRO and supported by NSA. Skill rating is given to pro players where novice will get 1200 points and will turn to expert if the points is more than 1700.

Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosner Butts during depression (probably to reduce stress) and has been evolve until today. NSA (National Scrabble Association) was initiated to monitor especially the wording selection during competition. This is done through association with Merriam-Webster.

In 1999 a Canadian name Wapnick won USD 15000 first prize money.

50 ACRES AND A POODLE (j.m laskas)

A story about a 38 years old writer who has a dream to live in a farm in the countryside . So one weekend she and her boyfriend went for a farm shopping where it’s started just for fun but then turn into serious buying. They came across a beautiful 50 acres with scenery farm that is up for sale with a very reasonable price.

They made the decision and sold everything in the city and move to the farm. The story then focus more into how the tried to adjust to country living like possum and squirrel , the booming sound of hunter rifle and friendly neighbor (which is not normal in the city) .

Name the farm SWEET-WATER FARM.


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