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· A story of Toni De Laroque born in an upclass English family and was raised in the African continent most of her early life
· She was a very active young girl to the extent that she decided to learn how to fly plane without the knowledge of her family
· She then jined BAC as stewardess and travel around the world. She even had a rare experience servicing the Queen Mother in one of the flight
· When her marriage was in trouble (after 2 kids) she decided to travel and ended in Maldives.
· She was puzzle of why a very beautiful island with very nice and warm people such as Maldives do not get the attention of tourist. She then decided to promote the island to British people
· She even help the children of Maldives to study in Britain finding them sponsor, placement at University and even place to stay
· She runs a company called MALDIVES TRAVEL from her flat in Chelsea where she also get friend to donate books to be given to Maldives children


*Started as a player at Burnley. Has been very good in managing since he was hailed as the Fergie of Nationwide League since the double promotion of Bury ( a limited budget football club)
*Was hired as Burnley coach after Chris Waddle and Adrian Heath failed. Stan was the first team coach of Chelsea in 1991 assisting the manager at that time Ian Potterfield. He has to deal with Dennis Wise the captain who has a problem with Ian.
*Stan playing career started with Carlisle where he played as a defender and known as the Yorkshire Ripper. He was transferred to Sunderland where we was injured and decided to move to coaching. At 32 he coach Blackpool. However was sacked and work as contractor since not being offered by any club.
*He then get the chance to join Crystal Palace as coaching staff assisting Steve Coppell. From there he went to manage Hull City but sacked later as he cannot get along with player
*Next he manage Bury and get promoted to Division 1
*Manage to sign big playes like Ian Wright and Gazza when he manage Burnley


*Born in Czech Republic to a ski instructor mum and ski patrol dad
*Start to be introduce to tennis at Klamorka Park the first indoor tennis court in Prague. She was noticed to always look more like a boy than a girl. She train with the Klamorka Tennis Club
*She won the national championship in 1972 where she beat Vlasta Vopickova
*Met Chris Evert for the first time in 1973 but lost 7-6,6-3
*She the defected to USA citing tennis as the main reason
*Among all the grand slam she like wimbledon due to the well behave crowd compare to US Open where the crowd is similar to the baseball game crowd
*She has a slight temperamental problem. Get the help from Sandra Haynie to control the temper
*She then had a lesbian affair with celebrity writer Rita Mae. They then separated after Martina found new lover Nancy Lieberman
1981 finally get heer US citizenship
*She then had another lesbian affair with Judy Nelson and Panda Ja
*She then finally retired after 18 grand slam and 167 single titles


*Born in Leeds in1961 to an Italian mum and English dad. Dad works as a chef in Hotel St George. Marko leave school before finishing exam to work in his dad kitchen.
*He then join Box Tree one of Leeds better restaurant under head chef Michael Lawson. He then decided to experienced the London scene and that brought him to Roux Brothers. He joined the famous Le Gavroche under Albert Roux quit in 1982 but then rejoin again.
*He then joined the famous Pierre Koffman at Tante Claire with no salary on his first month as part of the joining agreement.
*Then he joined Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir after being asked to cook perfect fish dish during interview. This is also whre he fist met with Heston Blumenthal
*He was planning to go to Paris for cooking experience but due to few incidents he then decided (with 2 other partners) to open HARVEYS. A very impressive review by Egon attract lots of people and even give him his first Michelin Star in 1988. He’s very vocal in the kitchen but proud of having his ex chef to be awarded Michelin star including Gordon Ramsay (3 stars)
*In 1992 he joined actor Michael Caine to open CANTEEN. He then leave HARVEYS to concentrate on CANTEEN
*He then married MATI , his wife who he met at CANTEEN
1993 open MPW @ Hyde Park Hotel with Rocco Forte.
*Feeling that he achieved everything in the cooking world he decided to give away his Michelin Star and retire from the culinary world.


A compilation by Laura Flanders discussing about the womens that has a big impact on President Bush political journey. Among the women are :

* Condolezza Rice : the state secretary during his time as president
* Karen Huges : regarded as the counselor to the president. She has been his loyal adviser since the time where mr bush is just a small governor trying to survive in the political world
* Elaine Choo : the living example of a person that achieve the AMERICAN DREAM. She help the president to be closer to immigrant especially the asian people
* Christine Todd Whitman : his environmental advisor that assist mr bush in dealing with the environmental issues


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